Hildin Komerc, has been operating in the Macedonian market since 1990, always bringing you the highest quality materials for the construction of buildings. All the materials that we have at our disposal and with which you are supplied, are imported from European countries, but we do not exclude the materials which are produced in our country which are of high quality. In addition to supplying building materials.

Hildin Komerc offers the construction of various facilities, including residential and industrial facilities. The large collection of materials for choice, the quality and complete reliability that we have created so far, makes us a strong competitor in the local market, offering customers all our intellectual abilities achieved with effort during the years of operation our.



Whatever plan you have on giving your house, or any other property you own, a re-model we will implement. In case, you need any of our recommendations, many of our ideas, and plans come from high end properties we have re-designed in, and out of North Macedonia.

Construction Plan

Hildin is one of the few construction companies in North Macedonia that imports construction materials from EU countries. Having Lip Bohinj, from Slovenia, as its general distributor. All the ideas, and plans that come from Hildin are influenced by EU standards.


Engineers considered with all aspects of the building, from the technology in it to the construction, operation, performance, maintenance, and its deterioration.


Pellets are a clean burning, and cost efficient home heating alternative. When you are using pellets, you are actually turning tons of waste from landfills into energy. They are also easy on your electricity bill. Is this something you are looking for?


One of the industries leader in construction material export.

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